BNF Healthy Eating Week Challenges

BNF Healthy Eating Week challenges 2017

The five challenges are:

  • have breakfast;
  • have 5 A DAY;
  • drink plenty;
  • get active;
  • try something new.
Details of each challenge can be found in the planning guide.   

In addition, we are encouraging workplaces to use the following behaviour change techniques to help colleauges meet the challenges.  These are:
  • targets;
  • buddies;
  • nudges;
  • rewards.  
New for 2017, we have produced downloadable posters for the five challenges. Each poster provides the key information about each health challenge. The posters can be displayed to let staff and visitors know about, and prepare for, the challenges that will be taking place during BNF Healthy Eating Week.

Remember, full details about the challenges and the behaviour change techniques can be found in the planning guide.

Do let us know how you get on with the challenges!

Contact us via Twitter @Foodafactoflife and @BNFevents using #BNFHEW17 or email Lucy at

Have breakfast 

Have a healthy breakfast every day.



Have 5 A DAY

Have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.



Drink plenty

Have at least 6-8 drinks every day.



Get active

Get active every day - move more, sit less!



Try something new

Try a new food, drink, activity or experience.




Challenge tracker

Why not encourage your colleagues to record and track their achievements during the week?


Download the 'Did you know that...' poster.  Write what your workplace will be doing during BNF Healthy Eating Week and display it centrally so it can be seen by all your colleagues and visitors!



Team trackers - NEW!

Get your whole team involved by asking them to sign up to the challenges on the team trackers!  You can monitor how everyone gets on each day and create a bit of motivational competition!  There is a different tracker for each challenge.

You can edit the challenge text on each tracker to suit your workforce.  For example, with the 5 A DAY challenge you may want to encourage your staff to simply aim for 'at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day'.  However, if your staff already manage this, you could set them the 'super challenge' of having 25 different fruit and vegetables during the week - no repeats allowed!