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Accessing the cook-a-longs

On their respective days, the cook-a-longs will be available at

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Potato, courgette and tomato gratin  Click here for the recording!

Friday 16 June, 09.30-10.00

Roy will be maiking a delicious Potato, courgette and tomato gratin.  Made and cooked in a foil tray, this dish will be easy for pupils to take home and share with their family.

Target audience: Secondary (and upper primary) pupils


Crafy koftas 

Wednesday 14 June, 09.30-10.00 - Click here for the recording!

Join Frances as she makes Crafy koftas. This recipe can be made with lamb, beef or pork mince.  Use the 'while you wait' and 'follow-up' activities to enhance your cooking session.

Target audience: Secondary (and upper primary) pupils


Peasy cheesy canapés 

Tuesday 13 June 2016, 09.30-10.00 - FINISHED

VIEW RECORDING - paste this link into the browser Internet Explorer or Firefox:

Join Claire as she makes some delicious Peasy cheesy canapés - ideal for a breaktime snack! We suggest children work in groups of two or three to make this recipe.  The recipe makes 8 small canapes which can be shared.

Target audience: primary pupils



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