Let everyone know!

Planning guide 2017

A guide to help you plan your Week!

Let everyone know!

Resources to let everyone know about your Week

Active Learning Resources

New active learning resources to encourage children to engage with the five health challanges

Health Hopper

A new board game for BNF HEW 2017

Cook-a-longs 2017

BNF HEW 2017 cook-a-longs

Health festivals 2017

Resources to help you set up and run your own health festival

Impact pack

Measure the impact of BNF HEW on your pupils

Ambassador pack

Appoint pupil Ambassadors to support BNF HEW

Let everyone know about your BNF Healthy Eating Week!

We have produced a number of tools to help you promote and share your plans for BNF Healthy Eating Week. 

Why not download some of these resources?


Parent/carer letter
Get your pupils' parents/carers involved in BNF Healthy Eating Week. Download our template letter, add in what your nursery or school will be doing, let parents and carers know how they can support, and send it out! 

Download the 'Did you know that...' poster.  Write what your nursery or school will be doing during BNF Healthy Eating Week and display it centrally so it can be seen by parents/carers, staff and pupils!

Decorate your school entrance, classroom, hall or canteen with our BNF Healthy Eating Week bunting. (Try printing it on coloured paper!)

Social media
Remember to share what you are doing for BNF HEW on social media. Tweet your updates and photos at: @Foodafactoflife #BNFHEW17 

Press release
A little closer to the Week, we will make a template press release available.  You can edit this to make it suitable for your nursery or school and share it with your local press.