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European Food Framework Dissemination Event

When: 29 May 2012

Where: Online

Time: 9am


What is the European Food Framework?

The European Food Framework (EFF) is a pan-European project aimed at improving the health of young people throughout Europe. The project has developed a framework of competences for young people aged 5-16 years, relating to diet (food and drink), active lifestyles and energy balance.  The concept is to provide a consistent, up-to-date and accurate (evidence based) consensus, supporting all involved in food, nutrition and lifestyle education, whether part of a formal school curriculum or not. In addition, the project ran five pilot projects in Europe to engage young people with the Framework.


Why should you attend?

·         Find out about the competence Framework and how it can be used.

·         Understand how young people were engaged with the Framework.

·         Learn about a unique food, nutrition and lifestyle resource to promote healthy active lifestyles to children and young people (aged 5 to 16 years) throughout Europe.

·         Ask questions and interact with the presenters live.


Who should attend?

·         Teachers, educators and lecturers.

·         Government officials involved in health, education, curriculum and policy.

·         Those involved in resource production and development, as well as training.

·         All those with an interest in child health and food and nutrition education.


Draft Programme

9:00am Welcome and introduction

9:10am Overview of the European Food Framework – its aims, objectives, development and use

9:30am  Pilot project 1: Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, Austria

10:00am Pilot project 2: Dr Suzanne Piscopo, freelance health and nutrition educator and teacher trainer at the University of Malta, Malta

10:30am Break

10:45am Pilot project 3: Fundación Española de la Nutrición (FEN), Spain

11:15am Pilot project 4: Schools for Health in Europe (SHE), Netherlands

11:45am Pilot project 5: British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), UK

12:15pm  Next steps and conclusions

12:30pm Close



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Spaces are limited. To join you need a computer with internet connection and speakers.


Further information

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