Healthy Eating Week 2013

Scotland 2017

Presentations from the BNF 50th Anniversary Scottish Conference on 18 March 2017

Scotland 2016

Presentations from the BNF Scottish Education Conference 2016.

ICT in food

ICT in food, cooking and nutrition. Workshop on 1 March 2014, London.

Scotland 2013

Presentations from the BNF Scottish Education Conference 2013.

Scotland 2012

Presentations from the BNF Scottish Education Conference 2012.

Scotland 2011

Presentations from the BNF Scottish Education Conference 2011.

Scotland 2010

View the presentations from the Scottish 2010 regional conferences.

FFL 21st Anniversary

To celebrate the British Nutrition Foundation’s 45th anniversary, its Education programme, Food – a fact of life, presents you its history and how it has evolved in this flyer, titled ‘Food – a fact of life: a journey down memory lane’.









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What’s in it for my school?

  • A welcome pack, giving you more details and ideas!
  • Free, new resources!
  • Free posters, for use in classrooms and dining rooms!*
  • Free stickers!*
  • Access to live presentations during the week about health from a range of experts.
  • The opportunity to take part in a national survey for children and young people.

Being involved is a great way to show your school’s support for healthy eating and food education. It can also be a great opportunity to have fun! It's totally flexible - implement what best suits your school.

If you are a school in Wales, many resources will also be avalable in Welsh.


Themes for each day of the week

To provide focus, each day during the week will have two themes (morning and afternoon). Schools can be flexible – some may wish to complete all the themes (potentially in a different order) or select the most appropriate themes for your needs. The themes are based around The eatwell plate and the Eight tips for healthy eating.

Your school may just wish to have a special assembly or enhance tutor time during the week - the choice is yours.

An example of the theme days


  • Monday: Eat well!  Fruit and vegetables
  • Tuesday: Eat breakfast!  Bread, potatoes, rice, pasta …
  • Wednesday: Drink up!  Milk and dairy foods
  • Thursday:  Be active!  Meat, fish, eggs, beans …
  • Friday:  Keep in balance!  Health for life!




* Posters are available to the first 2,000 schools that register. Stickers are available to the first 1,000 nursery, primary or special schools.