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Find out more about this exciting new programme of professional support.

Teaching food

A series of videos, originally developed for the DfE Teach Food Technology programme.

Why register?

Find out about the benefits of registering!

FTPP case studies

To find out more about the FTPP programme and how it has helped HLTAs, trainees, NQTs and more experienced food teachers with their personal and professional development, why not read these case studies?

How to use the programme and portfolio

The FTPP programme and printed portfolio have been designed to help teachers audit, plan and evidence their personal and professional development. Find out more here.


Webinar details - how to join and diary dates.

Registering to take part in the Food Teacher Professional Portfolio programme provides you with a way to audit, map, plan and evidence your professional development - whether you are trainining to become a food teacher, just started or are currently practicing. The programme builds on the forthcoming guidelines for food teaching in secondary schools, development by Public Health England and the British Nutrition Foundation (for more details, click here).

Why become involved?

  • Receive help to plan your own CPD, based on national standards.
  • Access free support and advice via monthly emails and tips.
  • Improve your own knowledge and skills through monthly webinars.
  • Attend some of the free training that will be made avalable. 
  • Gather evidence for performance management.
  • Receive a free organiser (first 2,000). 
  • Be part of a national initiative with the BNF and the Food Teachers Centre.



The Food Teacher Professional Portfolio programme aims to further enhance professional standards in food teaching, focusing on:

  • curriculum planning 
  • classroom management 
  • practical skills
  • food commodities 
  • nutrition and health
  • hygiene and safety
  • consumer awareness

Next steps

  • Register to participate!
  • Complete an online ‘audit’ – our baseline to help you .
  • Receive an unique organiser (first 2,000).
  • Get monthly advice and support.
  • Proactively engage and the ‘portfolio’.
  • Complete evaluation and annual survey.

Registration is open now! Click here

End of year 1 feedback

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) conducted a survey on behalf of the Food Teacher Professional Portfolio (FTPP) programme (in conjunction with the Food Teachers Centre) and supported by The All Saints Educational Trust.

Teachers registered on the FTPP programme were invited to take part in the survey via email and reminded through the Food Teachers Centre Facebook group. 334 teachers responded to the survey although not all questions were answered by all teachers. The teachers were asked 18 questions relating to their own experience of the FTPP programme, including which aspects they found most useful and why; types of professional development undertaken and how the programme has impacted on their confidence and competence to teach food.

    Case studes

    During year 1 (2015/16) and year 2 (2016/17) four case studies were carried out.  The first one focuses on a teacher's experience of the FTPP programme and the second outlines a day spent with trainee teachers at the University of East London and the impact of the workshop on their studies. The third case study was compiled by an experienced food technician who trained to become an HLTA and has recently started training to achieve QTLS. The final case study was written by a long established food instructor who is also working towards QTLS.