The Eatwell Guide

Eatwell Guide Videos

Short videos introducing The Eatwell Guide.

Making better choices with the Eatwell Guide

This video supports understanding of healthy eating and drinking, including looking at the food groups, good hydration and using food labels to make better choices.

The Eatwell Guide

Presentation and worksheets.

Public Health England (PHE) regularly reviews dietary recommendations as part of its role in promoting public health. In light of new evidence about our diet and health, particularly revised recommendations on sugars and fibre, a review of The eatwell plate was undertaken. As a result of the review, a new healthy eating guide for the UK was developed – The Eatwell Guide.

Resources to help support you teach The Eatwell Guide in your school inlcude presentations, a recipe modification sheet, menu planners, a 'blank' Eatwell Guide, food cards (for a sorting activity) and short videos.