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Welcome to the BNF Food Life Skills course. This set of resources has been produced to enable you to develop your own structured food skills/cooking course with young people (aged 14-19 years).

The BNF Food Life Skills course provides opportunities for young people to:

  • have hands-on experiences with food, i.e. cook;
  • learn about and gain confidence in basic food hygiene and preparation skills;
  • learn about healthier eating through practical food work;
  • apply simple budgeting skills to food choices they make;
  • work independently and in small groups to develop understanding of wider needs;
  • become a better informed consumer.

Please feel free to download and use the materials in your school, college or community group. If you have any comments about the materials, we would love to hear from you.

This resource can also be purchased on CD-ROM, click here to order your copy.

Conditions of use
1. BNF Food Life Skills resources may be used in schools, colleges and community groups.
2. BNF Food Life Skills resources may be used for initial or inservice training, provided that due acknowledgement is given to the Foundation.
3. BNF Food Life Skills resources, i.e. the content (text, images and videos), are BNF copyright, and may not be used in any other publications, without prior permission from the Foundation.


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