Energy and Nutrients


Explore the needs and requirements for energy in the diet.


Explore the needs and requirements for nutrients in the diet.

Dietary fibre and water

Explore the needs for dietary fibre and water.


Explore the effect of alcohol in the diet.

Nutritional needs

Explore different nutritional needs.

The digestion process

Explore the digestion of food.

Interactive tutorials

Making the most out of the interactive tutorials.

The eatwell plate tutorial

Interact with the eatwell plate.

8 tips for eating well tutorial

Interact with the 8 tips for eating well.


Interact with micronutrients.


Interact with macronutrients.

Energy - Foundation

Interact with energy.

Energy - Extension

Interact with energy.

Videos: The process of digestion

Discover the process of digestion.

Welcome to the Energy and Nutrients section for students aged 11-16 years. It provides a range of colourful PowerPoint presentations, note sheets, worksheets, interactive tutorials and other resources to support learning about:


Two levels of information have been created to help with progression - foundation and extension. Some areas will have foundation resources only, whereas others will have both foundation and extension. Within the interactive tutorials (see below), for both foundation and extension, there are three levels of differentiation.

An exciting collection of interactive tutorials has been developed exploring:


A guide has been developed to help you make the most of the interactive tutorials. Click here to access.



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