Lovely lunch

A primary food project for pupils aged 8-9 years

Lovely lunch primary food project

This food project has been developed to help children learn about healthy eating (including food groups, the proportion of food needed from different food groups, and composite dishes); seasonal ingredients; where some of their food comes from, and how to prepare a simple dish safely and hygienically. This learning will be delivered within the context of planning and making a sandwich for a lunchtime occasion.


  • Pupils will develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of ingredients and healthy eating.
  • Pupils will learn and practise food preparation and cooking skills.
  • Pupils will design and create dishes for an intended user based on research.
  • Pupils will make and evaluate their dish.
7 - 11 YR
Primary food project - Lovely lunch

Lovely lunch programme of work and lesson plans.

5 - 7 YR
The Eatwell Guide presentation

A presentation introducing the Eatwell Guide.

The Eatwell Guide food cards

A set of food cards which are depicted in The Eatwell Guide.

7 - 11 YR
Blank Eatwell Guide

A blank version of the Eatwell Guide.

The Eatwell Guide

A poster of The Eatwell Guide.

7 - 11 YR
Sandwich images

Selection of images, showing different types of sandwiches.

7 - 11 YR
What is it made from?

A worksheet exploring the main food groups in meals.

7 - 11 YR
Healthy lunch checklist

A checklist for planning a healthy lunch.

7 - 11 YR
Dietary requirement cards

A selection of characters displaying different dietary requirements.

7 - 11 YR
Perfect lunch

A sheet to help plan a suitable lunch someone.

Simple sandwiches

A video looking at creating sandwiches.

Pockets and wraps

A video looking at creating pockets and wraps.

The claw grip

A video looking at the claw grip.

Food skills guide

A guide highlighting key food skills that can be taught.

Let's get ready to cook!

A poster about getting ready to cook.

Sensory vocabulary cards

A set of descriptive word cards for sensory evaluation.

Season cards

A set of cards around the four seasons.

7 - 11 YR
Sandwich planning sheet

A sheet to help plan a sandwich that meets design criteria.

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