Careers in Agriculture

Have your students thought about growing and producing food as a career? Agriculture is one of the most exciting and innovative industries to work in and provides a wide range of career opportunities.

UK food and drink manufacturing has a turnover of £9.6bn and agriculture plays a key role in where our food comes from, with an estimated 76,000 jobs forecast in agriculture (2014-2024) there is a wide range of opportunities for students today. So if they are interested in:

• Working in a sector that is part of the largest manufacturing industry in the UK
• Working with animals and outdoors
• Working with the latest practical applications of robotics in the environment
• Working in an industry that both needs STEM Knowledge and Skills and offers opportunities for practical STEM learning at school
• Working in an industry with the potential to create many of the solutions to today’s environmental issues
• Joining an industry that is open to people of all levels with no requirement to have been “born into” the industry but with entry route via industry designed apprenticeships or the network of specialist FE & HE colleges and universities.

Then maybe it is time they looked at the opportunities offered by UK Agriculture and Horticulture.
To say that opportunities in this 21st century “farm to fork” industry are understated would itself be an understatement. The breadth and diversity of career options in agriculture is so varied and vital in the production of the food we eat.

More information is available is available:

#ThisIsAgriculture - a new interactive digital magazine that showcases the diverse careers opportunities in Agriculture
Countryside Classroom - Future Farming project resources for use in school
Feeding Britain’s Future - IGD's workshops with industry professionals
Tasty Careers - job descriptions for agriculture
National Land Based Colleges - contact details

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