Chinese pork


900g lean boneless pork leg joint
2 cloves garlic
2.5cm root ginger
1 x 5ml spoon Chinese five spice
2 x 15ml spoon soft brown sugar
2 x 15ml spoon dark soy sauce
2 star anise
2 x 15ml spoon apple juice
200ml pineapple juice


Roasting tin with lid, knife, garlic press, chopping board, small bowl, mixing spoon, pastry brush, measuring jug.


1. Pre-heat the oven to 190°C or Gas Mark 5.
2. Cut the strings of the lean boneless pork leg joint, flatten out and place into a large roasting tin.
3. Peel and crush the garlic.
4. Peel and thinly slice the ginger.
5. Mix together the Chinese five spice, soft brown sugar, dark soy sauce, star anise, apple juice, crushed garlic and root ginger.
6. Spread the mixture over the pork, cover and marinate in the fridge for about 30 – 60 minutes.
7. Add the pineapple juice to the pork, cover with a lid and cook for approximately 2 hours until the meat is tender.
8. Remove the lid for the last 20 minutes to crisp the outside of the meat.

Top tips:

• Serve the pork, sliced or in chunks, in a bowl with thick noodles and garnish with thick sticks of cucumber, spring onion, root ginger and a large spoonful of juice.
• Try adding 2x 15ml spoon (2tbsp) Chinese cooking wine or sherry to the marinade instead of the apple juice.


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