Interactive games and videos

A selection of interactive games and quizzes to support learning from home.

Interactive games

A range of interactive activities including memory and matching games, fill in the gap, cooking videos with questions to answer, and activities with 'hot-spots' which provide jumping off points with further information. 

Interactive activities can be found here:

5-7 Years: Healthy eating, Cooking, Where food comes from.

7-11 Years: Healthy eating, Cooking, Where food comes from.

11-14 Years: Cooking, Healthy eating, Digestion, Where food comes from




Multiple choice quizzes are a great way for pupils to test their knowledge on a variety of topics that they have covered in class. Passing a quiz will also award them with a printable certificate!  To find out more about the Food - a fact of life multiple choice quizzes, click here.

Kahoot quizzes can be used as part of live lessons either online or face-to-face.  Find out more about the Kahoot quizzes on Healthy eating, Cooking and Where food comes from here. If you, or your pupils haven't used Kahoot before, why not have a read of our handy guide

Quiz worksheets are also available for Healthy eating, Cooking and Where food comes from. Click here

Where food comes from video quizzes - why not task your pupils to watch a video and then answer a quiz? A great way to demonstrate low stakes testing! The videos and quizzes can be found here

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