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14 - 16 YR

A presentation around seasonality.

5 - 7 YR
I like that presentation

A presentation introducing food preferences.

5 - 7 YR
Mealtime cards

A set of cards showing different mealtimes.

5 - 7 YR
Our ingredients presentation

A presentation about where ingredients are from.

5 - 7 YR
UK Food

A presentation looking at UK food.

11 - 14 YR
Where is my food from? activity

A worksheet to be used when completing the Where is my food from? activity.

Growing food presentation

A presentation around growing food.

3 - 5 YR
Dot i dot – Tatws

Dalen waith am datws.

3 - 5 YR
Tatws - y daith

Set o gardiau lluniau yn dangos taith tatws - o'r cae i'r fforc.

7 - 11 YR
Processing food to make it edible and safe

A presentation looking at what has do be done to food in order to made it edi...

11 - 14 YR
The origin of ingredients worksheet

A worksheet to explore the origin of ingredients in a recipe.

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