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14 - 16 YR
Dairy farming and the environment mark sheet

The answers to a worksheet looking at dairy farming and the environment.

14 - 16 YR
Cheese production mark sheet

The answers to a worksheet about cheese production.

11 - 14 YR
This is meat

A presentation introducing red meat.

11 - 14 YR
What is red meat?

A worksheet about red meat.

11 - 14 YR
What is red meat? Answers

Answers to the What is red meat? worksheet.

11 - 14 YR
Let's look at red meat

A worksheet looking at different cuts of beef, pork and lamb.

11 - 14 YR
Colour changes with meat

A presentation exploring the colour changes of red meat.

11 - 14 YR

A worksheet for pupils to create a glossary of terms.

11 - 14 YR
Livestock farming

A presentation about livestock farming in the UK.

Farming food for you - pigs

A poster about the pig farm and farmer.

14 - 16 YR
Practical record pork yuk sung

A worksheet looking at making pork yuk sung.

Practical food skills and recipes masterclass - cheese making

A presentation from a webinar looking at cheese making in the dairy and the c...

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