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5 - 7 YR
Shopping trip

A worksheet to use on a shopping trip.

5 - 7 YR
What grows when

A worksheet about what fruit and vegetables are ready in different seasons.

5 - 7 YR
Growing a potato

A worksheet on growing a potato.

5 - 7 YR
Harvest time

A worksheet about harvesting.

5 - 7 YR
How to grow a potato

A worksheet exploring how to grow a potato.

5 - 7 YR
Missing letter words

A worksheet investigating the use of apostrophes.

5 - 7 YR
Potato fillings

A worksheet exploring different potato fillings.

5 - 7 YR
Potato jumble

A worksheet investigating growing a potato.

5 - 7 YR
Potato plant parts

A worksheet looking at potato plant parts.

5 - 7 YR
The bucket garden teacher's guide

The teacher's guide to the bucket garden story.

5 - 7 YR
The story continues

A worksheet about what goes on on a farm.

5 - 7 YR
Types of potato

A worksheet exploring the different types of potato.

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