INSET Package

How to use the TPFN INSET package

Our INSET package has been designed for you to use for your own personal development or as a whole staff, year group or team CPD package.  Why not run an after school or INSET day training with your colleagues focusing on food and nutrition in the primary curriculum.  You could watch a recording of a webinar from year 1 of the programme (recordings and PPT presentations below) or watch one or all of the seven NEW short videos focusing on healthy eating, cooking and where food comes from.

However, you use the INSET package it is always a good idea to reflect on the learning and identify how you will use the information to develop your teaching practice or enhance teaching and learning around food and nutrition in your school.

Below are two reflective documents that you could use. Remember to print them off and store them in your portfolio to evidence your learning and celebrate your success.

We have also put together a list of useful resources that support the statements from the Food and nutrition experience audit (which you completed on registration for the TPFN programme). Take a look at the resources and consider how they could support you further in developing your food and nutrition teaching.

Action plan TPFN

An action plan to complete following attending TPFN training.

TPFN training reflection

A document to help guide reflection following food and nutrition education CPD.

TPFN resources to support

A list of useful resources to support the TPFN Food and nutrition experience audit statements.

Teaching Primary Food and Nutrition INSET Package

State of the Nation: Health and Inequality in Primary-aged Pupils

Ewen talks about health, nutrition and financial inequality in primary-aged children in 2023

Nutritional Education within the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme in England

Emily Round, Northumbria University, talks about Nutrition Education within the HAF Programme

Ideas for Including Healthy Eating and Cooking in the Primary School

Helen Grundy, Services for Education, shares a plethora of ideas for including HE and cooking

Growing Potatoes on a Small and Large Scale

Sue Lawton (GYOP) and Claire provide facts about potatoes and discuss how to grow them at school

LEAF Education: Virtual and In-person Support for Where Food Comes From

Katy Pallas and Sam Wyman give us a live look around a farm and talk farm to fork

The Cool World of Food Science

Charlotte Patrick gives a fascinating insight into how children have fun with food science

Introduction to Sensory Food Education

Ruth Platt discusses the TastEd programme and introducing sensory food education to primary children

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