Food education: Back to the future?

Food education: Back to the future?

Join Food – a fact of life to celebrate the great food and nutrition teaching across the UK. Find out what the future barriers might be and how we can all work together to overcome them.


2021 sees the 30th anniversary of the Food – a fact of life programme for schools. The way in which food and nutrition education is taught, with the range of resources and enhancements in technology and understanding of nutrition science, has changed much in 30 years but, the importance of educating our children and young people to lead healthier lives, make informed choices and have the skills to feed themselves well has not diminished.  In fact, it is more important today than ever.

Join Food – a fact of life to celebrate the great food and nutrition teaching across the UK. Find out what the future barriers might be and how we can all work together to overcome them. Let’s move forward together to ensure that food and nutrition is the high-quality and well-thought of subject that future generations deserve it to be!

Feedback from teachers who attended FFL’s virtual 20/21 conferences includes:

  • Excellent presentations and a nice boost to my teacher practice at the moment.
  • Really useful and up to date information, which we can use in classroom discussions to educate our pupils.
  • Fantastic support for teachers and great information as always, thank you and ready for the next conference.
  • As a lone teacher of food, this morning has been most informative and thought provoking; now to revamp Schemes of Work!
  • Brilliant CPD, always worth attending.
  • Clear, interesting, relevant and informative presentations.

The event is FREE to attend – the cost of this event is fully subsidised by FFL. As the events are virtual, please bring your own refreshments!

What will be covered?

There will be six key inter-related presentations on the day, with a Q&A session:

  • Food – a fact of life: 30 years and still having an impact Roy Ballam, British Nutrition Foundation
  • Presentation 2 - TBC
  • How to teach where food comes from - get growing! Lindsay Hamilton, Keele University, and Emma Surman, Birmingham University, plus a case study to bring the theory into practice in schools
  • What’s happening around the world? Louise Davies, Food Teachers Centre
  • Food, health and sustainability in education Dr Simon Steenson, British Nutrition Foundation
  • What makes quality food education? Frances Meek, British Nutrition Foundation plus case studies from practising teachers


  • We have published the date and theme of the conference in advance to help with diaries and booking – it is first come, first served.
  • Exact details of each speaker will be added shortly.
  • FFL reserves the right to amend the programme at any time.

Why attend?

  • Engage in a national conference with your peers, focusing on current and future issues with food and nutrition education in schools.
  • Listen to key speakers present on issues that affect what you do – supporting your professional development and critical thinking, as well as providing a basis for change back at school.
  • Opportunities to ask questions and virtually ‘network’.
  • Take part in insightful polls around key topics and areas of interest – seeing the results live.
  • It is 100% subsidised – your commitment is your time.
  • Access the slides and videos of presentations just after the event – at least a month before they become publicly available.
  • Signposts to free editable resources for use in the classroom.
  • A certificate of attendance will be provided – useful as evidence for your professional development and performance management.
  • The training event supports the Food teaching in primary and secondary schools: a framework of knowledge and skills– backed by government.


  • Trainee and practising primary and secondary teachers across the UK.
  • Trainee, new, less experienced and non-specialist secondary food teachers across the UK.

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