How do I create a worksheet?

The process of developing resources for teaching and learning, starting with the ‘why?’, through to the nitty-gritty of creation.

How do I create a worksheet?

Developing resources, starting with the ‘why?’ through to the nitty-gritty of creation.


Using practical examples, Roy will talk through the process of developing resources for teaching and learning (starting with the ‘why?’, through to the nitty-gritty of creation).
Teachers are asked to create many resources, often with minimum guidance and support. This webinar looks to take you through the key points in the process, so you can answer questions such as: How do you create a worksheet? What’s best to support learning? What depth do I cover? What resource is best?
The webinar reflects on good practice, and builds on different aspects of pedagogy. But at its heart, is a practical overview of developing the best resources you can.
This webinar will be particularly useful for trainee and newly qualified teachers.

What will be covered?

• Creating resources for learning – what needs to be considered? (Purpose, learning intent, curriculum/qualifications, pupils …)
• What’s good practice? A review of guidance for resource production and teaching.
• Resource type and learning need – what should be used?
• The basics – construction, type, use, language and images.
• Writing questions – watch out for the pitfalls!
• Progression – how much depth?
• Considering assessment (low stakes testing > examinations).
• Links to Food – a fact of life resources.
• Suggestions for further reading and sources of information.

Why attend?

• Enhance your own personal and professional development in creating and writing resources for learning.
• Update your knowledge to enhance teaching and learning through well planned lessons.
• Review how guidelines and characteristics of good practice can support resource development.
• Reflect on your own practice, highlighting areas of potential development.
• Opportunity to ask questions of Roy.
• Signposts to free editable resources for use in the classroom will be highlighted.
• Sources of further support and information will be made available.
• A certificate of attendance will be provided – useful as evidence for your professional development and performance management.
• The webinar supports the Food teaching in primary and secondary schools: a framework of knowledge and skills – backed by government.


Trainee, new and more experienced teachers across all phases.

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