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The Food - a fact of life Personal and Professional Development (PPD) programme sets out to support the training needs of teachers who teach food, based around the government’s primary and secondary food teaching frameworks (DH/DfE, 2015). It builds on the successful work of the BNF and AHDB working with teachers over many years, as well as work through the Food Teacher Professional Portfolio programme.

The FFL PPD programme is open to all teachers and teaching assistants that teach food, as well as those who have an interest in food teaching in schools throughout the UK. The programme is free to join. Training is a mix of free, discounted and paid-for.

The programme supports:

  • developing professional competence;
  • teaching the curriculum;
  • managing practical food classes;
  • teaching food preparation and cooking;
  • promoting and applying nutrition;
  • learning about food origins, food choice and food labelling;
  • implementing good food safety and hygiene;
  • taking a whole school approach.

The FFL PPD programme is delivered by:

  • newsletters: updates on food education news and training opportunities;
  • webinars: live online events to support specific areas of food knowledge or classroom practice (recordings will also be available for ‘catch-up’);
  • online training courses: longer training courses, where teachers can go through content in their own time, at their own pace;
  • practical cooking workshops: small group sessions, focusing on the development of food skills or learning about specific food commodities;
  • conferences: larger face-to-face events, focusing on topical education or curriculum issues, ideal for networking and sharing good practice.

 Why register?

  • Membership is free.
  • Help to plan your own PPD, based on national standards.
  • Access support and advice via regular newsletters.
  • Improve your food knowledge and skills through different training styles.
  • Receive advanced notice of training opportunities.
  • Attend regional training sessions.
  • Access exclusive resources for FFL PPD members.
  • Be part of a national network of professionals, supported by BNF and AHDB.
  • Gather evidence for performance management, e.g. attendance certification, course completion.
  • Gain an UK perspective on food education and receive regionally specific support.
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