Cooking (11-14 Years)

This section provides activity ideas and resources to strengthen learning around planning to cook, ingredients, cooking for health, hygiene and safety, and cooking.

The key learning objectives are:

  • Current healthy eating advice, dietary needs, socio-economic factors, preferences, occasion and cost need to be considered when planning to cook;
  • Ingredients are selected for their nutrition, functional and sensory characteristics, as well as provenance and seasonality;
  • Recipes and cooking methods can be modified to help meet current healthy eating messages;
  • Good food safety and hygiene practices are essential to reduce the risk of food poisoning;
  • A broad range of ingredients, equipment, food skills and techniques, and cooking methods are used to achieve successful results.

This section builds on the learning from the 7-11 years area. For further rigour and challenge, go to the 14-16 years area (coming soon).

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