Cooking (7-11 Years)

This section provides activity ideas and resources to help consolidate learning of planning to cook, ingredients, cooking for health, hygiene and safety, and cooking.

The key learning objectives are:

  • When planning to cook, it is important to select the most suitable ingredients, equipment and food skills for successful results;
  • Around the world people use a range of different ingredients, equipment and cooking techniques to prepare food;
  • When planning to cook consideration should be given to current healthy eating advice, the needs of different people and occasion;
  • Buying, storing, preparing and cooking food safely and hygienically are vital for health;
  • There is a range of additional food skills and cooking techniques which enable a wide range of dishes to be made.

This section builds on the learning from the 5-7 years area. For further rigour and challenge, go to the 11-14 years area.

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