Where food comes from (14-16 Years)

This section provides resources to extend learning about food origins and availability, food quality and assurance, and food processing.

Key facts - Where food comes from

  • Key Fact 1 Food can be grown, reared, or caught, and processed in several ways to improve quality, shelf-life, safety, environmental impact and nutritional value.
  • Key Fact 2 Food production can be influenced by geography, climate, seasonality, cost, technology and consumer demand.
  • Key fact 3 Buying and eating food that is in season can mean it is fresher and has a better flavour, texture and colour. It may also be lower in cost, support local growers and reduce environmental impact.
  • Key Fact 4 Climate change can negatively affect local and global food production and can impact the availability of accessible, safe, affordable and nutritious food. 
  • Key Fact 5 Food choice can be affected by social, health, economic, ethical, religious, and personal factors, plus food provenance and availability.      
  • Key Fact 6 Sustainable healthy diets are good for the planet and human health. They should balance nutrition and environmental sustainability with socio-economic factors, e.g. affordability, accessibility and cultural acceptability.

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