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Free ingredients, recipes and resources for year 8 & 9 pupils!

Learn about the exciting Ingredients Into Schools pilot - providing teachers with free ingredients for cooking in lessons!


Spring into the new season with where food comes from

With spring starting it’s great to finally see the days getting longer, temperatures warming and plants blossoming in time for summer. The newborn lambs bouncing around in the fields and the different crops growing that makes this time of year a really good opportunity to explore the seasonal origins of our food with pupils.


Inspiring Food Careers

From developing quiche and canapes for Waitrose and Tesco, to working for Heston Blumenthal and Charlie Bigham - Claire Gibbs tells us about her exciting food career to date!


It's Fibre February!

We all need to increase the amount of fibre in our diet. This article provide ideas for ways in which you and your pupils can learn more about fibre, this Fibre February!


5 Reasons to undertake a food apprenticeship

Kate Rose, who recently completed an apprenticeship at Mondelez International, shares her top 5 reasons to undertake an apprenticeship in food.


Your top 10 Food – a fact of life resources

We've gathered the best and most popular resources on Food - a fact of life together in one place. These are the resources and areas that teachers found most useful in 2023. Why not use them to support your pupils in 2024?


Support for NEA2 2023/24

Are you currently planning support for your pupils around the NEA2 tasks for 2023/24? If so, don’t forget that we have plenty of resources on Food – a fact of life to help!


Why I love the Food - a fact of life Food Curriculum Roadmaps!

After receiving an enthusiastic response to our new Food Curriculum Roadmaps from teacher Jo Worthington, we decided to ask Jo to tell us a bit more about why she likes the Roadmaps and how she is using them in school. Here's what she said!


5 ways to celebrate harvest festival

Discover 5 educational ways to celebrate the harvest festival. Teachers can engage students through hands on activities, exploring global traditions, using literature and the arts, and cooking with seasonal ingredients. Connecting with the local community by visiting farms or organising community events can also help to enrich learning for children.

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