Healthy eating interactive resources (11-14 Years)

A series of interactive resources looking at healthy eating.

On this page are interactive resources for pupils 11-14 years. For further resources for pupils 7-11 years, click here.

The resources on this page are:


Eatwell Guide videos

Click on each of the hotspots on the Eatwell Guide image to view videos on each section. Take notes on each, noting down the key points for each group and three foods which fit into each group.


Matching vitamins and minerals


Interactive fibre line up


Free sugars interactive line up

The definition of free sugars is: all added sugars in any form; all sugars naturally present in fruit and vegetable juices, purees and pastes and similar products in which the structure has been broken down; all sugars in drinks (except for dairy-based milks); and lactose and galactose added as ingredients.


Labelling definitions drag and drop

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