Food route (7-11 Years)

Chart and worksheets for teaching about Diet and health, Shopping, Cooking, Food safety and Active lifestyles.

Food route - a journey through food

To help children and young people engage with the Core Competences, a series of focus groups and workshops were arranged throughout the UK. The original competences were rephrased in an age appropriate way, and tested to ensure that children understand what they mean and how they can be achieved. The focus group session informed the language and design of the resources.

What resources are available?

There are five charts, one for each competence area, a target chart (similar to one that is often used in schools for literacy and numeracy) and a certificate. 

The five charts cover:

  • Diet and health; 
  • Shopping; 
  • Cooking;
  • Food safety;
  • Active lifestyles.

A bright, colourful certificate is provided for this age phase in the resource download. The certificate can be awarded after the child has completed all the competences, or when they have successfully completed each competence area, e.g. cooking.

Twelve worksheets are provided to help support children to achieve a number of the competences. These could be used at school or at home.

Users' guide: this guide lists the competence statements that appear on the target charts and provides suggestions on how to: help children reach the competences; measure if the competences have been achieved.


7 - 11 YR
Food route charts

The Food route activity charts and certificate.

7 - 11 YR
Food route Users' Guide

A guide about using the Food route resources, including curriculum links.

7 - 11 YR
Storage instructions

A worksheet about naming different ways to store food.

7 - 11 YR
Compare food prices

A worksheet about different food prices.

7 - 11 YR
Cook world dishes

A worksheet challenging children to name 5 dishes from around the world.

7 - 11 YR
Cooking skills

A worksheet about kitchen equipment and cooking skills.

7 - 11 YR
8 tips

A worksheet about the 8 tips for healthy eating.

7 - 11 YR
Design a food advert

A worksheet encouraging children to design a food advert.

7 - 11 YR
Food adverts

A worksheet investigating food advertising.

7 - 11 YR
Food choice

A worksheet about the different reasons why people choose food.

7 - 11 YR
Food diary

A worksheet to compare a food diary for 3 days to the Eatwell Guide.

7 - 11 YR
Food labels

A worksheet about the information required on food labels.

7 - 11 YR
Nutrient functions

A worksheet matching food to nutrients.

7 - 11 YR
Safety measures

A worksheet exploring how to keep safe in the kitchen.

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