Activity 3: Field to fork (7-11 Years)

This activity focuses on how potatoes get from ‘field to fork’.

Activity 3: Field to fork


Explain to the children that you will be looking at what happens to potatoes after they are harvested.

Ask the children for their ideas on how potatoes get from ‘field to fork’. Show them the Field to fork presentation and discuss what happens at each stage. Summarise the key stages using the last slide.


Set the children the task of creating their own images or drawings of the stages a potato goes through from ‘field to fork’.

Ask the children to work in small groups to create an image of one of the stages. They could do this using a computer or with collage or paint. Put all the stages together to create a class display.  Ask each group to write a description of each stage.

More challenge ...

Work on a computer or with art materials, textiles or pens and paper to create a step by step explanation of how potatoes go from ‘field to fork’. Alternatively, challenge the children to explain how another vegetable goes from ‘field to fork’. Ask the children to write up a description of each stage.

In small groups the children could prepare their own  presentation to explain the field to fork journey and present this to another class in the school. This could be presented as a play or a reading.

Round up

Ask the children to show and explain what they have done.

Extension ideas

  • Find out how other foods are grown and produced.
  • Arrange a visit to a farm to see some animals being reared or fruit or vegetables being grown or harvested.
5 - 7 YR
Field to fork

A presentation exploring potatoes from field to fork.

Farming food for you - potatoes

A poster about the potato farm and farmer.

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