Where food comes from interactive resources (7-11 Years)

A series of interactive resources looking at where food comes from.

On this page are interactive resources for pupils 7-11 years. For further resources for pupils 5-7 years, click here and for resources for pupils 11-14 years, click here.

The resources on this page are:


From farm to fork - interactive videos

The below videos look at the farm to fork journeys. As you go through these videos, questions will come up on the screen. Get a pen and paper and note down your answers, or answer on screen, and take notes on what you have learnt. Why not create your own 'Farm to fork' storyboard for a food of your choice?


Mark the words - learn with stories

Click on the words in the following passages to mark them and work through each of the three interactive tasks below. All of the information has been taken from the learn with stories resources on Food - a fact of life. To view the learn with stories resources, click here.

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