Food - a fact of life training has a real impact!

Find out more about FFL training and in particular our recent Food and nutrition education in Scotland conference.

Food – a fact of life (FFL) Personal and professional development provides workshops, webinars and online training for teachers on a range of topics to support food and nutrition education. In the past year, 370 teachers have attended face-to-face events, 1,486 have registered for webinars, and 1,933 have registered to participate in our online training.

Our training is having an impact: 8 in 10 teachers have updated their resources, lessons and/or Schemes of Work as a result of attending training; 96% rated practical workshops as ‘excellent’; and, 71% teachers have shared or used the training with other colleagues in school (and a further 12% plan to do so).

At our most recent face-to-face training event in Glasgow, 180 primary and secondary teachers came together for a morning of topical updates and networking.  The programme was wide ranging and included the topics of a whole school approach to health and wellbeing, cooking for life and food security.

Some teachers, and FFL staff, especially enjoyed seeing Gary Maclean, Scotland’s National Chef and previous Masterchef the Professionals winner, and hearing what he had to say about the importance of learning to cook.  In his opinion, learning to cook is as important as learning maths and English.

There were also sessions with an emphasis on teaching food and nutrition in primary and secondary schools.  The primary teachers particularly enjoyed challenging themselves to make a variety of recipes using limited equipment and ingredients – very similar to what they might experience at school!

The secondary teachers heard an examination update from SQA’s Graeme Findlay, found out more about BNF’s work on portion sizes and were inspired by Emma Creaney talking about Teaching Home Economics – the highs, the challenges and the future. Emma gave some great tips about working with colleagues within school and also outside organisations to promote the subject and enhance the teaching and learning experience for all.

97% of teachers who attend FFL’s Food and nutrition education in Scotland conference rated it very good or excellent and 100% said that they would recommend the conference to a friend or colleague.

To find out more about the conference, and access the presentations, click here.

Our next face-to-face event will be held in London on 1 February 2020. Why not join us for our second National food and nutrition education conference?

Gary Maclean Scotland's National Chef and past Masterchef the Professionals winner

Gary Maclean Scotland's National Chef and past Masterchef the Professionals winner

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