What's new on FFL?

Welcome to FFL ... there's been a few changes.

Hello, welcome to the new Food - a fact of life website. The website was originally launched in 2004 - but after nearly 19 years of service, we decided it was time for an update. And, oh boy, what an update!

The website still provides a wealth of curriculum compliant resources for schools, all of which have been reviewed and updated, but now also have a range of new features to support food and nutrition education in schools.

So, what's new?

  1. New design and navigation - we hope you've enjoyed easily navigating around the website. Resources are available for aged 3-16 years, with 3-14 years being based on four key themes, which have been built from the ground-up to exemplify progression: where food comes from, food commodities, cooking and healthy eating. We’ve also a new 14-16 qualifications support area coming soon too! 

  2. Recipe section - a simple, yet powerful section which has 'smart filters', enabling you to get to the recipe you need quickly! For example, if you've a series of lessons where your learning intent/objective is around developing specific food skills, just search recipes for those skills! Teaching in a primary school without access to a hob, grill or oven? No problem, just search our selection of non-heat recipes. There's also filters for age, complexity, food commodity and time - and you can combine filters too!

  3. Training - this is a new section which highlights the training FFL provides for teachers, either through events (such as conferences and webinars), and as information with support materials. We've a 'Knowledge centre', which focuses on key skills and knowledge, as well as an area that provides summaries of the curriculum, qualifications and frameworks around the UK. In this section you’ll also discover the latest training opportunities - such as our new online food science courses! 

  4. Whole school - information and advice on whole school food issues, supporting schools in their journey to embed health and wellbeing in their culture, policies, curriculum and, food and drink provision

  5. My dashboard - something we hope you’ll like, as well as save you time. This feature allows you to create collections of resources and recipes, stored by class name, lesson, resource type - well, anything you like really. When you’re logged in you can easily create new collections and add/delete resources and recipes to these - a simple click! It also keeps a list of what you’ve downloaded - helping you keep track of resources that you discover and want to use again! 

There’s plenty more that’s been updated, including being able to use the website on your mobile, but under all of this, the FFL site is still built on the premise of supporting the best food and nutrition education in schools. 

We hope you enjoy using the website with your pupils, as well as engaging with us on your professional development. 

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