What’s new for food training this year?

Find out about FFL training for the coming year. We've lots on offer!

We’re getting ready to support you with new training opportunities over the next year. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to provide training (virtually, of course) and feedback has indicted that it’s hit the spot! For example, in the past year, 939 teachers attended our webinars, 825 registered for our four virtual conferences, and 657 registered for online training. Plus, we had 82 trainee, newly qualified and/or non-specialist teachers attend one of six virtual cooking sessions! Phew!

So, in the future, we’re continuing with new approaches started in lockdown, like virtual cooking sessions, as well as arranging more new training events based on your feedback, such as a series of masterclasses, SEND training and recipe progression! We are also really thrilled to be hosting a conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Food – a fact of life food and nutrition education programme for schools – quite an achievement.

Below is an overview of what to expect – and more details will be added to the training area of the website as the year progresses. We hope you can take up the training opportunities below - helping to support your professional development and raise the profile and importance of food and nutrition teaching in schools.

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Training calendar - 2021/2022

Conference – 30th anniversary of Food – a fact of life
• 13 November 2021, AM (virtual)
• Audience: UK primary and secondary teachers of food and nutrition at any stage of their career
• Focus: A national food and nutrition education debate highlighting its importance to health, wellbeing, progression and social mobility across the population (past, present and future)

Practical online virtual workshops for trainee, newly qualified and non-specialist teachers who are teaching food and nutrition in secondary schools 
• Workshop 1: Shorter lessons, food skills and learning intent - 9 October and 4 December 09:00-13.00
• Workshop 2: Food science and food skills - practical applications - 15 January 09.00-13.00 and 09 February 17.00 - 19.00

Four masterclass practical food skill/recipe online webinars, given by experts, e.g. sausages, specialty cheeses and breads and food presentation. All ‘Masterclass’ videos will be hosted online as a pupil resource. Details to be announced soon!
• 19 May 16.30 - Sausage making
• 14 July 16.30 - Artisan bread making
• 15 September 16.30 - Cheese making
• 12 January 16.30 - Food presentation

Three topic based webinars, e.g. food waste, careers in ‘food’, food production/farming, barriers to healthier eating/cooking. Details to be announced soon!
• Tuesday 22 June 16.30
• Wednesday 8 December 16.30
• Wednesday 9 March 16.30 

Three webinars to support teachers of pupils with additional needs
• 26 May 16.30 – Characteristics of good practice in teaching food and nutrition education to pupils with additional needs
• 9 June 16.30 – A hands on approach to teaching food and nutrition education to pupils with additional needs
• 30 June – Careers in catering and hospitality – opportunities for young people with additional needs

Training pack
• In addition to our virtual training, we will be creating a free recipe progression package comprising a video, teacher guidance and planning sheets.

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