Having achieved a BSc in Biochemistry (University of Manchester), Bridget studied for an MSc in Human Nutrition (King’s  College London). From 2005-06 she worked at the Food Standards Agency, joined BNF in 2006 as a Nutrition Scientist.


Role at BNF:

Bridget’s role is focussed on communication of nutrition science to a range of stakeholders, including helping to coordinate BNF’s media communications. BNF has a 24 hour press office that provides information and comment for journalists and also proactively engages with the media on key events and publications with the aim to get evidence-based information on nutrition and health out to a wide audience.

“Nutrition has been a hot topic in the media ever since I joined BNF but, with so much information now shared on social media the landscape has really changed. Arguably there’s never been more confusing messages about what to eat out there and it’s never been easier for those without proper qualifications to set themselves up as commentators on health. Sadly, scientific journals are not immune to this trend and articles with a dubious evidence base can be found in some of the highest impact publications, usually hitting the headlines. This makes BNF’s role in getting independent, reliable information on nutrition science all the more important and I’m really happy to be part of that work.”


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