Quick bean enchilada


1 red onion
½ red pepper
2 garlic cloves
160g canned sweetcorn
395g can beans in taco or chilli sauce
Spray oil
2 wholemeal tortilla wraps
200g tin chopped tomatoes
25g reduced-fat cheddar cheese

To serve - optional
6 cherry tomatoes
15g coriander
¼ cucumber
¼ iceberg lettuce


Chopping board, vegetable knife, garlic press, sieve/colander, grater, frying pan, mixing spoons, can opener, ovenproof dish.


  1. Prepare the ingredients:
    - peel and finely chop the onion;
    - deseed and finely chop the pepper;
    - peel and crush the garlic;
    - drain the sweetcorn;
    - grate the cheese.
  2. Lightly spray a frying pan with oil and place over a medium heat. Add the onion, pepper and garlic and cook for 5 minutes until the vegetables are beginning to soften.
  3. Add the sweetcorn and beans, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Pre-heat the grill on high.
  5. Spoon the beans evenly down the centre of the 2 tortilla wraps and roll up to seal.
  6. Place in a small ovenproof dish and top with the chopped tomatoes and cheese.
  7. Grill for 5 minutes until golden and bubbling.
  8. Prepare the accompaniments:
    - halve the cherry tomatoes;
    - roughly chop the coriander;
    - roughly chop the cucumber;
    - finely shred the lettuce.
  9. Scatter with the chopped coriander and serve with the tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce.

Top tips:

  • Add 2 x 5ml spoons chili powder for an extra kick of flavour.
  • Try seeded or flavoured wraps.
  • Serve the bean filling with cooked brown rice, couscous or quinoa.


This recipe was adapted from a recipe for Quick bean enchiladas, which was kindly donated by Tesco plc.


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