100g plain flour

½ x 5ml spoon salt

1 x 15ml spoon vegetable oil or corn oil

125–150ml warm water

40–50g butter (or ghee)


Sieve, measuring scales, measuring spoons, bread board, rolling pin, large mixing bowl, cling film, non-stick frying pan, tablespoon, palette knife, wooden spoon, pastry brush.


  1. Sift the flour and salt into a mixing bowl.
  2. Make a well and pour in the oil and half the water.
  3. Mix well with a wooden spoon and continue adding enough water until you have a firm, soft but not too sticky dough.
  4. Knead the dough for 3–4 minutes.
  5. Divide the dough into 4 equal balls.
  6. Lightly flour a surface and roll each dough ball into a thin circle.
  7. Gently melt the butter/ghee in a saucepan or the microwave.
  8. Spread each chapatti with a light spreading of ghee/melted butter.
  9. Fold the chapatti into quarters to enclose the ghee/butter mixture.
  10. Re-roll into a flat round pizza shape.
  11. Fry in a dry pan for 3–4 minutes on each side until lightly coloured, brushing a little of the ghee/butter mixture on each side during cooking.
  12. Remove from the pan and leave to cool.

Top tips:

  • Add chopped nuts or grated coconut to the dough before adding the liquid.


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