Croquette potatoes


600g smooth potatoes such as Desiree

2 eggs

25g butter or soft spread

50g plain flour

100g fresh breadcrumbs

Pepper for seasoning


Peeler, vegetable knife, chopping board, saucepan x 2, colander, potato ricer, mouli or sieve, mixing spoon, palette knife, deep fat fryer, kitchen paper.


1. Prepare a ‘Duchess’ mixture:

  • wash, peel and rewash potatoes and cut to an even size;
  • add potatoes to a pan of cold water, bring to the boil and cook;
  • drain, cover and return the potatoes to the pan, over a low heat, to dry out;
  • pass the potatoes through a potato ricer, mouli or sieve;
  • place the potatoes in a clean pan;
  • crack one egg and separate;
  • add the egg yolk to the potatoes and stir vigorously with a mixing spoon;
  • mix in the fat and season.

2. Mould the mixture into cylinder shapes, approximately 5cm x 2cm.

3. Crack the remaining egg and beat with a fork.

4. Pass the potato shapes through flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs.

5. Reshape with a palette knife and leave to chill.

6. Deep fry in hot oil (185°C) in a frying basket.

7. When the potatoes are a golden colour, drain well on kitchen paper and serve.

Top tips:

  • Ensure that the fat in the fryer is clean.
  • Use long tongs or a frying basket to add or remove food.
  • Carefully add food to avoid splashing.
  • Do not overfill the fryer. Overfilling causes splashing and bubbling over of hot food.


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