Food and nutrition training for primary school teachers - Wales

Teaching food in primary: the why, what and how

Food training - primary (Wales)

This course has been specifically created for initial and practising primary school teachers in Wales.


This course is based on the requirements of the Foundation Phase Framework and Key Stage 2 curriculum and the government's Core competences for children and young people aged 5 to 16 years.

What will be covered?

  • Module 1: Food in schools: Introducing the online training approach and key documents which support food teaching in school.
  • Module 2: Food origins: Exploring where food comes from and some of the processes involved in producing food.
  • Module 3: Healthy eating: Exploring the Eatwell Guide, its food groups, key messages and application.
  • Module 4: Nutrition: Introducing energy, nutrients, fibre and water and the differing nutritional requirements throughout life.
  • Module 5: Applied nutrition: Using nutrition knowledge to plan and prepare meals that contribute to a healthy varied diet.
  • Module 6: Food safety: Considering and managing food safety and hygiene in the classroom.
  • Module 7: Cooking: Managing and preparing the classroom, resources and pupils for safe and purposeful, practical food lessons.
  • Module 8: Teaching: Planning a progressive, whole school approach to food.

Why attend?


Trainee and practising primary teachers across Wales. 

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