BNF Healthy Eating Week

The next BNF Healthy Eating Week will take place from 8-12 June 2020! BNF Healthy Eating Week celebrates and promotes healthy eating, as well as food provenance, cooking and being active. Over the years, it has become a focal point during the school calendar to promote health!

BNF Healthy Eating Week!

The next BNF Healthy Eating Week will take place from 8-12 June 2020 and will be open to all UK nurseries, primary, special and secondary schools.  

The 2019 resources for nurseries and schools can still be accessed via the links below. For workplace/university resources, click here.

Registration in 2019 

  • 4,770 schools/nurseries - representing over 2 million pupils!
  • 2,173 workplaces/universities - representing over 900,000 employees and students!


  • Cook-a long (secondary schools) - Mexican pockets. The live event took place on 13 June 2019. To watch the recording, click here.

  • Cook-a-long (primary schools) - Crunchy chickpea sandwich. The live event took place on 11 June 2019. To watch the recording, click here.

  • National Sleep Survey - the survey took place from 14-17 May 2019. We had over 7,500 responses! To view the survey results for primary pupils, secondary pupils and adults, click here.

  • Sleep webinar - watch our sleep webinar and learn more about the importance of sleep for good health.


Latest BNF Healthy Eating Week 2019 news

Here are the latest BNF Healthy Eating Week updates. 

Why should schools get involved?

  • BNF Healthy Eating Week is great way for schools to active demonstrate their support for the health and wellbeing of their pupils.
  • It is free and resources will be provided to support planning for the week, including sets of posters, downloadable resources and guidance.
  • It is flexible – you can make it their own (and use the resources at any time you wish).
  • It supports curricula throughout the UK and links into whole school food policies and approaches.

BNF Healthy Eating Week is developed by the British Nutrition Foundation and supported by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), Danone UK, Garfield Weston Foundation, Greggs, innocent drinks, Quorn Foods and Waitrose.


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