Activities and ideas

Waves of activities/resources to support remote learning at home. Select the activities that best suit your needs! They are divided into two: those that take less time and/or are less complex, and those that take more time and/or are more complex.

Welcome to the Food - a fact of life remote learning activities and ideas area. Here you will find nearly 600 resources, activities and ideas, over 13 'waves', to support learning from home.

Waves 1-3: A general mix of activities and ideas including everyday learning, keeping active, finding out and exploring, and more!

Waves 4-6: Cooking, healthy eating and where food comes from.

Waves 7-9: STEM, food skills for life, ingredients.

Waves 10-13:  holiday learning (general mix of activities), marvellous meals, the world of food, the best of!

If you are looking for a remote learning activity/idea for a particular topic, you will find them all in the Remote learning activities by topic area.

You will also find further inspiration with interactive games and quizzes, videos and our FFL Knowledge organisers



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