Picturesque pizza

The aim of this session is to help children understand what pizza is made from and that it is a dish that originates from Italy.The main activity, Have a go, involves the children learning how to make pizzas and develop their spreading, grating and assembling skills.


  • explain that some of the dishes and meals we eat come (traditionally) from other countries, e.g. pizza from Italy;
  • name the three basic parts of a pizza (base, sauce, topping);
  • perform simple food skills safely with a focus on spreading, cutting with scissors, tearing, grating and present food attractively.

You will need

  • Picturesque pizza recipe and the ingredients and equipment listed on the recipe
  • Setting up a cooking session guide
  • Get ready to cook cards
  • Build a pizza game
  • Picturesque pizza take home letter

Guide and resources

3 - 5 YR
Picturesque pizza session plan

Leader's notes for the picturesque pizza session.

Setting up a cooking session

A guide to support setting up a cooking session.

3 - 5 YR
Get ready to cook cards

A set of cards about getting ready to cook.

3 - 5 YR
Build a pizza game

A dice game challenging children to collect ingredients to build a pizza.

3 - 5 YR
Picturesque pizza take home leter

A take home activity sheet to explore dishes around the world.

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