Food origins

This learning area supports pupil understanding of food origins.

This learning area, which is one of the nine developed to support pupils with additional needs, supports pupil understanding about food origins.

Key learning

  • food is from plants and animals;
  • food has to be grown, reared or caught.

To support learning, the following is available:

  • this introductory guide, with activity ideas;
  • stimulus materials and worksheets.
Food origins introductory guide

An introductory guide to support pupils learning about food origins.

Food origins

A presentation around food origins.

Grown, reared or caught cards

Cards for pupils to identify if a food is grown, reared or caught.

Grown, reared or caught?

A stimulus presentation around food that is grown, reared or caught.

Plant or animal?

A worksheet around where food is from.

Name 5

A worksheet around naming plants and animals.

Fruit and vegetables in season

A worksheet around identifying fruit and vegetables for each season of the year.

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