Meat (5-7 Years)

Activities and resources about meat- from farm to fork.

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5 - 7 YR
Dairy, meat and fish KO 5-7

A Knowledge organiser providing key facts around dairy, meat and fish.


Meat is from an animal.

Show the children the Where does meat come from? presentation. Talk about the different types of meat and where it originates.

Question the children:

  • What are these?
  • Are they the same?
  • What is each one called?

Explain that each of these is a type of meat.  Animals are reared by a farmer to provide meat which we cook for different meals.

Activity ideas

Using the Where meat comes from presentation, quiz the children’s understanding of the origins of each type of meat:

  • Beef: Beef comes from cattle.
  • Pork: Pork comes from pigs.
  • Lamb: Lamb comes from sheep (and lamb).
  • Chicken: Chicken comes from chickens.

Each type of meat can be used to make a range of meals. Ask the children to name meals and dishes that are made from each type of meat:

  • Beef, e.g. beef burger, spaghetti Bolognese and cottage pie;
  • Pork, e.g. sausages, bacon and ham;
  • Lamb, e.g. lamb curry, shepherd’s pie and lamb kebab;
  • Chicken, e.g. roast chicken, chicken pie and chicken nuggets.

Ask children to record the different meals and dishes that is made from beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Use the Meals with meat worksheet to help. For inspiration, ask them what they have eaten during the week. Children can share ideas.

Note: While some children will not consume meat, it is a useful part of learning to appreciate the source of food.

5 - 7 YR
Where does meat come from?

A presentation exploring where meat comes from.

5 - 7 YR
Meals with meat

A worksheet about different meals with meat.

Farming food for you - beef cattle

A poster about the beef cattle farm and farmer.

Farming food for you - sheep

A poster about the sheep farm and farmer.

Farming food for you - pigs

A poster about the pig farm and farmer.

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