Free resources for teaching young people aged 3-16 years about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating.

Welcome to the enhanced Food - a fact of life (FFL) website. FFL is a comprehensive, progressive education programme which communicates up-to-date, evidence-based, consistent and accurate messages around ‘food’ to all those involved in education.

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Characteristics of good practice in teaching food and nutrition education 30/7/19

This guide sets out to provide direction on teaching food and nutrition across the UK that was, in the past, often passed on through experienced te...

The Eatwell Guide – an in-depth look at healthy eating and nutrition

Thursday 19 September at 8pm with Alex White, Assistant Nutrition Scientist, British Nutrition Fo...

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Guidelines for school education resources about food

The importance of food education in our schools continues to be part of the solution to ensure that pupils learn how to make healthy food choices now and in the future. This forms part of the strategy to tackle childhood obesity in the UK ...

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Food and numeracy

7 - 11 YR
Fishy fractions

A worksheet exploring fractions.

5 - 7 YR
Shopping maths

A worksheet looking at using maths during food shopping.

5 - 7 YR
Cheesy maths

A worksheet looking at adding up weights of cheese.

7 - 11 YR
Function junction

A worksheet exploring multiplying and dividing foods.

7 - 11 YR
Add it up

A worksheet looking at adding up the cost of different foods.

7 - 11 YR
Number sequences

A worksheet investigating number sequences.

7 - 11 YR
Exciting angles

A worksheet exploring angles.

7 - 11 YR
What is the weight?

A worksheet on weighing seafood.

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