Support for teachers

Advice and support for teachers setting work, planning lessons and arranging their professional development.

Food - a fact of life has a range of activities and resources which you can use to set work and plan lessons, as well as support your professional development.

Setting work

  • Using the main menu at the top of the website you'll find support for pupils aged 3 to 16 years. Within each age you'll find activities and resources around where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating.
  • We've a dedicated recipe section, which can be searched in many ways! Click here.
  • Searching for a certain resource or just need inspiration? Use our resource search to find resources by type, age, topic and much more! 

Planning lessons

  • Schemes or Work for Years 7, 8 and 9 - find out more here
  • Want support in planning lessons and Schemes of Work (learning)? Get support here.
  • What's good practice look like? We've developed a guide for food teaching in primary and secondary schools and also for teaching pupils with additional  needs. There are also free online courses to support you to become an even better teacher of food and nutrition. Click here to find out more. 
  • Keep all your resources together on this site! Register on My dashboard so you can create collections of resources and recipes from the FFL website - all with one-click! Manage the collections by class, form, theme, topic and resource type.

Knowledge organisers

  • The Food - a fact of life Knowledge organisers provide key facts for pupils around Healthy eating, Cooking, Where food comes from and Food commodities. They provide an outline of knowledge and skills that should be taught at each age phase and enable consistency between teaching colleagues in the same school or group of schools.
  • The Knowledge organisers are editable to suit your pupil's needs and can be found here:5-7 Years7-11 Years11-14 Years and 14-16 Years
  • To find out more about the purpose of the Knowledge organisers and how to use them, read this news article.

Professional development 

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