Fish and shellfish (14-16 Years)

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14 - 16 YR
Fish and shellfish KO 14-16

A Knowledge organiser providing key facts around fish and shellfish.

NEW fish classification, preparation and cooking videos!

Classification of Fish and Shellfish

Simon Gray talks about the different classifications of fish and shellfish, i...

How to fillet fish (and prepare squid!) in school

Simon shows how to fillet a range of sustainable and underutilised fish, righ...

Filleting and cooking megrim (flatfish) in school

Learn how to turn megrim (white flatfish) into an amazing dish with this simp...

How to fillet and cook hake (round white fish)

Cook an amazing dish with hake fillets, and these simple ingredients in this...

Cooking fish - Gurnard on a bed of chickpeas and chorizo

Gurnard is a sustainable and underutilised fish. Use it to create this spicy...

Cooking mussels - Thai mussel dish

Using delicious rope-grown mussels, create a thai-inspired dish in minute, wi...

Cooking fish - using hake with leftovers, creatively!

Simon uses this extra hake fillet to create a quick and simple recipe, using...

Fantastic fish – nutrition, preparation and cooking (Webinar recording)

Simon and Ewen talk about the nutrition, preparation and cooking of fish in s...

Fantastic fish – nutrition, preparation and cooking (slides)

Powerpoint from the fantastic fish webinar. Contains nutrition information an...

Fish and shellfish resources

14 - 16 YR
Types of fish and shellfish

This presentation examines different kinds of fish and shellfish that can be...

14 - 16 YR
Catching and selling fish

This presentation teaches about how fish is caught and sold

14 - 16 YR
Preparing and cooking fish

This presentation explores different ways in which fish can be prepared and m...

14 - 16 YR
Growing mussels

This presentation explains how mussels can be grown and harvested for food

14 - 16 YR
Fish in the diet

This presentation considers the nutrients that can be found in fish and shell...

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