Global cuisine recipes

Recipes new to Food - a fact of life from global cuisines, reflecting diversity and inclusion.

As part of the British Nutrition Foundation’s work around a ‘modern, diverse food and nutrition education’ we asked students what was important to them about the recipes they cooked at school.

Students responded that they want dishes that are:

  • tasty, healthy, family/everyday recipes;
  • most significantly they want them to be dishes from around the world that are - modern, diverse and reflect different cultures.

The recipes below are designed to enable students to develop, acquire and secure practical food skills through using recipes that are suitable and practical for schools and their budgets, promote healthier eating, reflect more global cuisine, and encourage dialogue around culture and inclusivity.

If you have any comments about the recipes, or would like to suggest other recipes/cuisines please let us know.  Email Frances at 

The British Nutrition Foundation is grateful for the support from the All Saints Educational Trust for this work. 

Below you will find recipes from:






More recipes coming soon!


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